windows patches

Ulf Hermann
Mon May 8 12:10:00 GMT 2017

Hi Mark,

> Thanks a lot for all your work and posting the patches.
> I will go through them next week.

Thanks for reviewing them. The ones that got accepted will already make my life easier.

> I quickly scanned some just now. Some seem fine to go in. But others are
> a bit more iffy. I think some should really go towards gnulib if we are
> going to use that anyway so other projects get the same portability
> benefits. 

Let's do the easy ones first. I will handle the gnulib and glibc material when I get back in fall.

> And I do worry a bit about others, like the O_BINARY one for
> example that patches every open call. That seems impossible to properly
> maintain and is clearly intended for a platform that is really not even
> POSIX/Unix-like.

If we want elfutils to work on windows, we need to take care of the text vs. binary issue somehow. If you open a file in text mode, any "\n" not prefixed by "\r" will be replaced with "\r\n" when reading or writing. This is quite disastrous. I couldn't come up with anything better than just adding O_BINARY everywhere. If there is a better way, I'll be happy to change the code.


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