elfutils 0.169 released

Mark Wielaard mark@klomp.org
Fri May 5 12:11:00 GMT 2017

ELFUTILS 0.169 - http://elfutils.org/

A new release of elfutils is available at:
or https://sourceware.org/elfutils/ftp/0.169/

* NEWS *

backends: Add support for EM_PPC64 GNU_ATTRIBUTES.
          Frame pointer unwinding fallback support for i386, x86_64, aarch64.

translations: Update Polish translation.


Luiz Angelo Daros de Luca (1):
  Fix TEMP_FAILURE_RETRY definition when not defined.

Mark Wielaard (20):
  Define PACKAGE_URL for older autoconf.
  Add -D_FORTIFY_SOURCE=2 to CFLAGS if possible.
  backends: Add support for EM_PPC64 GNU_ATTRIBUTES.
  libasm: Fix one GCC7 -Wformat-truncation=2 warning.
  readelf: Fix off by one sanity check in handle_gnu_hash.
  Use the empty string for note names with zero size (without any data).
  libelf: Check compression ratio before trying to allocate output buffer.
  libelf: Always update last_offset in updatefile and updatemmap.
  elflint: Check symbol table data is big enough before checking.
  elflint: Don't trust sh_entsize when checking hash sections.
  elflint: Sanity check the number of phdrs and shdrs available.
  elflint: Don't check section group without flags word.
  libdw: Fix dwarf_peel_type infinite loop.
  elflint: Support checking ELF files with compressed sections.
  Add missing peel_type.c test for commit f339da.
  libelf: Initialize n to zero in elf_getarsym.
  Revert "Optionally allow unknown symbols in the backtrace tests"
  tests: Add core backtracegen check and regen ppc32 backtrace testfiles.
  Add i386 frame pointer unwinder.
  Prepare for 0.169.

Piotr Drąg (3):
  Update Polish translation
  Update POTFILES.in
  Update Polish translation

Ulf Hermann (26):
  Add missing tests to .gitignore
  Make the backtrace-data test helper more robust
  Optionally allow unknown symbols in the backtrace tests
  Move color handling into a separate header
  Always use the same method to query the system page size
  Check for existence of mempcpy
  Move print_version into printversion.{h|c}
  Include sys/types.h before fts.h
  Clean up linux-specific system includes
  Don't use comparison_fn_t
  Avoid YESSTR and NOSTR
  Add missing entries to .gitignore
  Include endian.h when handling BYTE_ORDER
  Add EXEEXT to gendis
  Protect against integer overflow on shnum
  Include strings.h to make ffs available
  Avoid signed/unsigned comparison
  On elf_update, remember when we mmap()
  Fix nesting of braces
  Make __attribute__ conditional in all installed headers
  Use F_GETFD rather than F_GETFL to check validity of file descriptor
  Avoid double-including config.h
  Add frame pointer unwinding as fallback on x86_64
  Add frame pointer unwinding for aarch64 and relax backtrace testcases.
  Don't look for kernel version if not running on linux
  Make elf section sorting more deterministic
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