Preparing for elfutils 0.169

Mark Wielaard
Tue May 2 11:17:00 GMT 2017

Hi hackers,

It is May already and 0.168 was released 4 months ago. So it is really
time to get a new release out (we normally do one every 3 months). There
have been a couple of crasher fixes that would be good to make sure are
in a stable (distro) release. So I would like to do a 0.169 release this

The frame pointer unwinder patches for x86_64, i686 and aarch64 seem
good to go in before release. And I'll do another scan over the
submitted patches on the mailinglist from the last 2 weeks.

I most likely won't apply the big gnulib modules integration patch
before the release. I am afraid that will be a little too disruptive
right for a release. But I do think that is a good thing to integrate.
So if we integrate that soon after the release then we can test it a
little better for 0.170. I also didn't have time to finish my DWARF5
work. So that too would also go into the next release. We could do the
next release a bit quicker to compensate for 0.169 being a month late
and do 0.170 after 2 months (end of June/start of July).



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