don't run elfutils as root in ABRT

Mark Wielaard
Tue Mar 7 12:52:00 GMT 2017

Hi Adam,

On Tue, 2017-03-07 at 13:39 +0100, Adam Šulc wrote:
> I work on ABRT improvement in order to increase security related to core
> backtrace generating using elfutils library.
> Here is a short description of my problem:
> Goal is to not call base code in elfutils and gdb functions under root.
> If you are more interested you can read more there:
> We need root for opening /proc files only.
> First, we open these files under root,
> then we drop capabilities & privileges and finally, we generate
> core_backtrace.

If you drop priviliges to the uid of the process then you should still
be able to open /proc files for that process/user. That seems the
simplest solution.

> We have one problem, that we need to pass the opened /proc file to this
> function:
> dwfl_linux_proc_report (Dwfl *dwfl, pid_t pid)
> Because this function opens the /proc file itself, thus it is hard coded
> and we cannot pass our /proc file pointer:
> So we dont know how to pass the opened file to this function.
> Do you have any idea how to pass the open file descriptor into the
> function? Or what is the best way how to achieve this?

See the function right after dwfl_linux_proc_report in libdwfl.h:

/* Call dwfl_report_module for each file mapped into the address space of PID.
   Returns zero on success, -1 if dwfl_report_module failed,
   or an errno code if opening the proc files failed.  */
extern int dwfl_linux_proc_report (Dwfl *dwfl, pid_t pid);

/* Similar, but reads an input stream in the format of Linux /proc/PID/maps
   files giving module layout, not the file for a live process.  */
extern int dwfl_linux_proc_maps_report (Dwfl *dwfl, FILE *);

It does slightly less because it doesn't know the running process pid,
but might do enough for your use case. But I think just dropping
privileges to the uid of the process is easier.



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