[PATCH] Check for existence of asprintf and vasprintf

Ulf Hermann ulf.hermann@qt.io
Wed Feb 22 16:45:00 GMT 2017

> imo, elfutils shouldn't be growing these fallback implementations itself.
> if you want to do this stuff, use gnulib instead.
> then there is no ifdef hell in the source files, and you don't have to
> worry about testing whether the ifdef's are correct because gnulib did
> it all for you.

OK, so I won't post any more patches with replacement functions. I don't like the idea of using gnulib because the gnulib implementations are generally more complex and in order to maintain them I would have to track gnulib in addition to elfutils. Also I would have to review the licenses for each import. This is not something I'm excited to do for a few 3-line functions. But OK, I will consider it.

What about switching off functionality if certain conditions aren't met? For example the patch that allows us to build libelf and libdw if argp is not available. Are such changes acceptable? I have something similar for obstack, and possibly for fts.


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