sourceware hosting for elfutils

Frank Ch. Eigler
Thu Dec 22 14:05:00 GMT 2016

Hi, Mark -

> > > - A mailinglist elfutils-devel that is open for posting by anybody
> I don't see it listed at [...]

Is now.

> If I give you the current subscriber list of fedorahosted elfutils-devel
> could we mass subscribe everybody to the new list? There are about 100
> people on the list.


> > Sort of done, but had to be undone because the old fedora mbox
> > archives were not spam-filtered.  [...]
> Sorry about that. I can try to create a spam free mbox by running
> everything through spamassassin first and removing everything marked if
> that is helpful.


> > [...]
> > Done, and> > point to a directory you can use, with those old archives all imported.
> Awesome. What is the official way to upload new releases there?

Log onto sourceware and deposit files under /sourceware/ftp/pub/elfutils/ .

> [...]
> Thanks. I see elfutils as product now in
> Could we get as components libelf, libdw, libasm, backends, tools and
> general/unknown?


> > > that get emails for git commits, bug creation/modifications [etc.]
> [...]

OK, will look into this soon.

- FChE

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