sourceware hosting for elfutils

Frank Ch. Eigler
Thu Dec 22 00:50:00 GMT 2016

Hi, Mark -

Thanks for your patience.

> We would need:
> - A public git repository with commit access for a handful developers.
> The current one is:
> [...]

OK, this has been mirrored to
{ssh,git}:// Usual sourceware
userid/request policy to add other committers.

> - A mailinglist elfutils-devel that is open for posting by anybody
> [...]

All set, cc:'d.

> If there is a way to import old archives and subscribers that would be
> nice.

Sort of done, but had to be undone because the old fedora mbox
archives were not spam-filtered.  Will have to see if a spam filtering
run during mhonarc import are feasible.  This can be done later,

> - A place to host releases (ideally all maintainers with git commit
> access can also upload new releases, but we can designate a specific
> release master). The current releases are hosted at:
> To keep history it would be nice if the existing ones could be mirrored.

Done, and 
point to a directory you can use, with those old archives all imported.

> - A public webpage backed by some wiki setup. [...]

Not a wiki, but how a simple git-backed HTML repo for now?

> - A bugzilla product/module to collect bugs in. [...]

Getting this set up as we speak.

> - If possible one or two mailinglist (elfutils-commits/elfutils-bugs)
> that get emails for git commits, bug creation/modifications [etc.]

How about this, only later on?

- FChE

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