[ECOS] Re: ecos project still alive?

Grant Edwards grant.b.edwards@gmail.com
Fri Jun 23 23:27:00 GMT 2017

On 2017-06-23, Alex Schuilenburg <alexs@ecoscentric.com> wrote:
> On 23/06/17 16:41, Grant Edwards wrote:
>> On 2017-06-23, 15802542327 <15802542327@126.com> wrote:
>>> last update has been than 2 years. is this project still alive?
>> That depends on your definition of "alive".  It isn't really being
>> actively developed.  I wouldn't use it for a new project, but it still
>> works well enough that I'm not looking to port my product firmware to
>> a different RTOS.
> I strongly disagree - it is being continually developed.  eCos forms
> part of eCosPro and both are continually being developed with new
> targets, platforms and functionality routinely being developed and
> added.  eCosPro 4.0 was released last year and eCosPro 4.1 will be
> released shortly (already shipping beta to specific customers).
> I fully accept that the public version of eCos has suffered from a
> distinct lack of contributions

Based on his "last update has been than 2 years" comment and the forum
in which he asked his question, I thought it was obvious that he was
asking about the public eCos.


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