[ECOS] redboot on STM32f4-discovery board

Oleg Uzenkov o.uzenkov@unicore.co.ua
Thu Oct 2 08:47:00 GMT 2014


I am working with eCos on STM32f4-discovery board.

I would like to build a redboot loader that could choose and load 
binaries (eCos+app) stored in internal flash at power on.

The eCos port for STM32f4-discovery has got a redboot option under 
Packages list in Templates. However it seems to be very minimalistic and 
also not functional. Also there is no specific configuration file like 

Please, could you give me directions as to making a functional redboot 
loader for STM32f4-discovery board.

Would it make sense to build redboot for stm32x0g_eval board (redboot 
seems to be working) and adapt it for STM32f4-discovery board?

I would appreciate any input on this.

Thanks in advance.


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