[ECOS] Documentation - Function cyg_interrupt_configure(...)

Smith, Keith Keith.Smith@PERKINELMER.COM
Tue May 13 14:17:00 GMT 2014

For cyg_interrupt_configure(...) the documentation and the comments for the *.h declaration of cyg_interrupt_configure simply says argument 'level' sets the trigger to be level or edge, and  argument 'up' sets rising/falling edge or high/low level.

The types of 'level' and 'up' are cyg_bool_t, true or false.

The text implies that the first item of the 'or' clause represent true and the second item false.

Is this correct?

It would be a lot clearer if the text stated 'level' is of type cyg_bool_t, true or false. Setting 'level' to true enables level triggering of the interrupt. Setting 'level' to false enables edge triggering of the interrupt.

Ditto for 'up'.

Keith M Smith

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