[ECOS] eCos on KwikStik (Kinetis)

Richard Rauch rrauch@itrgmbh.de
Sun Apr 13 16:00:00 GMT 2014

Hi All,

I want to use eCos on Freescale Kinetis uController.
For that I ordered a Kinetis Kwikstik for evaluation. I got it within a few
Further I was able to build the eCos Library and Tests for the board from
available Repository without any problems.

But now I got stucked in debugging issue. I want to debug with gdb over JTAG
(Segger On-board J-Link ), but I cannot find any debugger startup scripts.

Who knows, where I could find scripts? Firstly, I started with demo version
of IAR, but I could use other toolchains too.
I do not want to write scripts by myself. It is some effort and I do not
want to reinvent the wheel!

Many Thanks,


Richard Rauch
ITR GmbH Informationstechnologie Rauch 
web:   	http://www.itrgmbh.de

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