[ECOS] [COMMERCIAL] Code Confidence announces tools update for eCos -- based on Eclipse Kepler IDE

John Dallaway jld@codeconfidence.com
Mon Oct 21 07:53:00 GMT 2013

October 21, 2013 -- CAMBRIDGE, UK -- Code Confidence Ltd, the embedded
software tooling specialists, today announced a new release of their
Code Confidence(tm) Tools product for use with the Eclipse(tm) Kepler
Platform. The latest tools enable embedded software developers working
with the eCos(R) real-time operating system to take maximum advantage of
new features within the Kepler C/C++ Development Tooling (CDT 8.2).

Delivered as a set of Eclipse plugins for rapid on-line installation,
the Code Confidence Tools provide the most productive environment for
eCos application development. Product features include project creation
wizards, an advanced configuration editor, C/C++ editor integration,
performance-optimized GNU toolchains and kernel-aware debug views which
simplify and accelerate eCos application debugging. Recent enhancements
enable inspection of the stack pointer and stack usage data for each
thread of execution. The tools incorporate ThreadSpy(tm) technology for
the thread-aware debugging of eCos applications using JTAG, SWD, BDM and
other on-chip debug hardware. Code analysis features enable the
retrieval of profiling and code coverage data from remote target
hardware for presentation within the Eclipse workbench.

"Integration of the Code Confidence Tools with the Kepler release train
enables interoperation with new and updated Eclipse features based on e4
technology." commented John Dallaway, Director at Code Confidence.
"Recent improvements to the scanner discovery, expression definition and
console capabilities within CDT serve to further increase the
productivity of eCos developers."

For further details, visit the Code Confidence website:

John L Dallaway
Code Confidence Ltd

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