[ECOS] Re: CyaSSL library port (WIP): Space for struct corrupts other eCos-data in RAM

Ross Younger ecos@impropriety.org.uk
Fri Oct 11 09:16:00 GMT 2013

On 11/10/13 21:18, Daniel Zebralla wrote:
> I now solved the problem by putting all CyaSSL-related stuff and tests into
> an individual thread:
 > Is there some general rule of thumb, that one should not do 
 > work in the 'main'-thread?

Did you by any chance put your RsaKey struct on the stack, as opposed to 
static or malloced? Threads in eCos often have very small stacks; the 
corruption you describe sounds typical of a stack overrun.

You can find the stack size for the default ("main") thread in the .ecc 
file you're using.


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