[ECOS] RedBoot necessary for porting ecos?

Ilija Kocho ilijak@siva.com.mk
Mon Jan 14 21:13:00 GMT 2013


On 13.01.2013 18:21, Lukas Riezler wrote:
> Hi Michael & Ilja!
> Thank you very much for your answers!
> So, if I'm right now, I need to port ecos before RedBoot is able to
> run...and I don't really need RedBoot for my intention. (?)
> Is there any suggestion which existing ecos-port for Cortex-M I should
> take to be my template?

Instead of suggesting I'll try to list specifics of existing ports, I
hope it will help you pick one that's closest to your system.

- STM32 is the initial Cortex-M port and probably was used as model for
others, contains wide span of memory configurations and probably most
complete driver set, including USB but lacks Ethernet (which you can
finf in Bugzilla), You already noticed STM32 support for external

- LM3S is nice example for a tiny system with very little memory.

- Kinetis, A2FXXX and LPC17XX have Ethernet.

- LPC 17xx is example for reusing drivers from other architecture (ARM
and Cortex-M are considered separate architectures in eCos)

- Kinetis and A2FXXX feature Consolidated Interrupt Priority Scheme,

- Kinetis features wide range of memory models including single chip and
systems with external memory. Single-chip memory models are generically
supported on variant level.

> > Porting eCos to Cortex-M is relatively straight-forward (compared to
> > other architectures)  because some essential components are
> > implemented/defined on architectural level: interrupt controller,
> > systick, and general memory map.
> If I take a look in the existing port for stm32, there is a also
> interrupt handling header-file in the variant-layer. But these are
> onley special interrupts for the peripherals - did I understand right?
> Sorry for my "simple" questions - but I need to get basic knowledge
> and a solid overview :-)
I take it that you have read eCos docs. Additional information regarding
porting you shall find in Massa's book.


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