[ECOS] build of library fails with new configtool and new cygwin

Michael Bergandi mbergandi@gmail.com
Wed Sep 12 20:14:00 GMT 2012


> make[1]: Leaving directory
> `/cygdrive/c/Projekte/TDSsw/libs/tds_lib_7a_build/services/memalloc/common/current'
> make -r -C services/memalloc/common/current heaps.cxx
> make[1]: Entering directory
> `/cygdrive/c/Projekte/TDSsw/libs/tds_lib_7a_build/services/memalloc/common/current'
> tclsh /opt/ecos/packages/services/memalloc/common/current/src/heapgen.tcl
> "/cygdrive/c/Projekte/TDSsw/libs/tds_lib_7a_install" "`pwd`"
> makefile:49: recipe for target `heaps.cxx' failed

First, make sure TCL is installed/updateed and any other pre-reqs:

If that doesn't fix it, then it might be a known W7 64 issue:


I could be wrong here, but I think Andrew meant to copy libtcl8.5.dll
to tcl85.dll, not tcl84.dll


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