[ECOS] not possible to have a ROM app that's started by system w/ Redboot?

Ken Yee kenkyee@excite.com
Mon Oct 8 22:40:00 GMT 2012

Iliya wrote:
> Yes, enable the respective tty<n> driver and set it as a console
> (default is ttydiag).
> But, actually you may have hardware problem (does it print barebone?).

Yes, it prints barebone (i.e., run as RAM startup type w/ Redboot).  These are only issues w/ trying to get it to run as a Redboot Flash app (the new Redboot ROM app startup type instead of the existing eCos ROM startup type).

FYI, for the diag_printf issue of it going into space on the IF_COMM_PUTC, the problem was the app didn't have "claim comms virtual vectors" checked under the configtool under eCos HAL, the ROM monitor support.  We got a lot further after checking off "claim virtual vector table entries by default", "claim reset virtual vectors", "claim delay_us virtual vectors", "claim data virtual vectors", and "claim comms virtual vectors".  It's interesting that the app's ecos config had to be set to do that instead of letting it use the Redboot vectors automatically, so it seems like we missed a section define somewhere that tells the RAM startup type to use the redboot virtual vector table...

So next issue we've hit is JFFS doesn't read the Redboot FIS table properly so it can't figure out where the internal flash partition is that it's supposed to use...it's progress at least :-)
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