[ECOS] not possible to have a ROM app that's started by system w/ Redboot?

Ilija Kocho ilijak@siva.com.mk
Fri Oct 5 18:57:00 GMT 2012

On 05.10.2012 20:19, Ken Yee wrote:
>> It's true for break points. The target code being in Flash, rather than
>> RAM, needs hardware break points that are not supported by RedBoor/eCos
>> GDB stubs at present.
> I'm actually using a Segger JLink for debugging...not using Redboot's gdb support.
> That's why I'm puzzled...I should be able to look at the code behind that macro or single step through the assembly code but I can't do anything w/ that IF_PUTC function.

Then I'm afraid I can't help you much. I would check whether the GDB
server is set for hardware break points.

>> Try the real (instead of diagnostic) serial driver.
> Is there a way to get "diag_printf" to use the real serial driver?  Interesting that you hit the same issue...I always thought the diag_driver just used the same serial port but with interrupts disabled.
Yes, enable the respective tty<n> driver and set it as a console
(default is ttydiag).

But, actually you may have hardware problem (does it print  barebone?).
If you power Kwikstik from it's own USB connector there is a voltage
drop on serial diode (I don't recal whether it was D6 or D7) that
hinders RS232.


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