[ECOS] not possible to have a ROM app that's started by system w/ Redboot?

Ken Yee kenkyee@excite.com
Fri Oct 5 01:43:00 GMT 2012

Ilija Kocho wrote:
> This may be example you are looking for:
> http://bugs.ecos.sourceware.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1001623

Got decently far with this angle of changes.
We created a new startup type, and fiddled with most of the options for RAM/ROM in the .cdl file.  But from doing this, it's glaringly obvious that eCos does *NOT* support this setup; a ROM app run from Redboot, at least on the AT91, has to do a hybrid of the ROM and RAM startup types.  The Redboot documentation should clearly state that only apps built in the RAM startup type are supported IMHO.

Anyways, simple test apps seem to run, but one this we hit was that anything that does diag_printf gets stuck in the IF_IN_PUTC call...it just deep spaces (runs until it hits that) there in the debugger.  Single stepping into assembly doesn't even work if you put a breakpoint before that so we can't see where that goes (whether it's to a bad driver, etc.).  The simplest app like this:
void cyg_user_start(void)
    diag_printf("\r\nHello world!\r\n");
does the hang when compiled as an APPROM (that's what we called it instead of Flash as yours is called...maybe RBROMAPP for RedBootROMApp might be a better acronym?).

Did you hit this problem in your setup at all?  i.e., did you try diag_printf on your kinetis board?


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