[ECOS] Remove a CFLAG for one .c file (How to compile only one file in no-thumb mode)

Martin Laabs martin.laabs@mailbox.tu-dresden.de
Mon May 28 11:06:00 GMT 2012


i have one (inline asm intensive) file in my arm hal package that I do not 
want to convert to thumb mode. (This is IMHO for some i.e. cache 
functionality even impossible.)
Since I have thumb-interwork enabled I wanna compile this file in arm mode 
and the rest of the kernel in thumb mode.
For the whole file I could use the CFLAG_REMOVE functionality from cdl. 
However - I'd like to remove the -mthumb flag only for one file.

I could use the make { ... } function from cdl. But to stay consistent wit 
the rest I would like to use the gcc flags that are configured in the 
configtool. So just make the object with hardcorded flags is one but a 
unattractive option.

So I would like something like this in my cdl file:

compile cstx01_misc.c

Do you have an idea how to accomplish this?

Thank you,
  Martin Laabs

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