[ECOS] General question on TCP/IP stability and security vulnerabilities

Mikhail Matusov matusov@squarepeg.ca
Wed May 9 18:09:00 GMT 2012

Could someone please comment on the following criticism found in Wikipedia:

The FreeBSD TCP/IP network stack port included with eCos is out of 
date—circa 2001—and exposes systems using such to numerous security and 
stability vulnerabilities (FreeBSD RELENG 4 4 0 RELEASE for IPv4 and 
FreeBSD's origin KAME for IPv6). Official eCos maintainers do not appear to 
monitor FreeBSD or KAME for security or stability updates, but rather rely 
on minimal and insufficient bug reports from users of eCos.
The SNMP package is rudimentary at best, once again, apparently due to its 

Is a more robust TCP/IP stack for eCos available at cost?


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