[ECOS] Starting with eCos : i386 target and hello application

f.carrai@libero.it f.carrai@libero.it
Fri Mar 30 14:19:00 GMT 2012

Hello everybody,

this is my first question to the list. I’m not able to run the ‘hello’ 
application sampled in Ecos v3.0. I’m working with a standard i386 PC as 
on which I successfully installed GRUB and REDBOOT. When Redboot starts it 

Platform: PC (I386)
RAM: 0x00100000-0x040F0000 [0x00195130-0x01000000]

I built eCos using the “i386 PC target with RTL8139 ethernet” template and 
then the hello application from the examples.
When I try to download via TFTP the ‘hello’ image, I got “Can’t load ELF File 
– program headers out of order”.
While investigating, I realized the start address of the Redboot and of Hello 
are the same : 0x0108000.

Here I’m confused. May I load the hello code everywhere in the available RAM ?
Just to try, I loaded the image at 0x0208000 and the expected “Raw file 
loaded…:” show up.
But when I gave the GO command nothing happened. 

Before to continue, am I doing right ?

Thanks in advance.


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