[ECOS] Re: net/bsd_tcp code conditional on (__NetBSD__ || __OpenBSD__)

Grant Edwards grant.b.edwards@gmail.com
Fri Mar 9 19:20:00 GMT 2012

On 2012-03-09, Sergei Gavrikov <sergei.gavrikov@gmail.com> wrote:

> Thank you for this information and your initiative regarding code
> cleanup. I saw that you even found two WOULD-BE bugs in BSD code. To
> prevent a duplication of efforts, can more volunteers (e.g. me) start
> the same process for other eCos packages? Or you do have a plan do it
> yourself?

I've submitted bugs/patches for all the warnings I've seen when
building eCos.   The vast majority were in bsd code, but there were a
few others.

There is a lot of eCos code that I never build (Posix, uItron, CAN,
USB, I2C, IDE, serial, filesystem).  I don't have any immediate plans
to work on cleaning up code in packages that I don't currently build
for any of the products I support.

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