[ECOS] porting ecos to a "new" hardavre.

Ferenc Cserepkei csfera@gmail.com
Sun Mar 4 19:03:00 GMT 2012

I am maintaining some embedded hardvare, the board has some custom
brew bios. We should add tcp/ip (preferably V6) functionlity soon. The
existing BIOS the board has rather  dumb, its main functionalty is
BASIC configuration of the FPGAs and ASICs the board has, give  a
9600/8N1 serial, and upgrade sw parts in motorola s-record format (can
be streamed over serial). I already built a GCC 4.6.2 sporting
newlib1.20 for the main processor what is freescale MPC8548.
My question is, how can i tell ecos 3.0, to use that compiler (it has
GDB 7.3, psim and python support) and how can i design a template
"build>templates" for our systems?
Any help are much elcome.

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