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Paul Beskeen paulb@ecoscentric.com
Thu Jan 12 16:55:00 GMT 2012

Please excuse the job posting to this list, but we prefer to employ from
within the eCos community where possible. If interested, please post
your CV/Resume, or ask for any clarifications, in confidence to

We are looking someone with a passion for low level systems software
development and an interest in developing their career within the
operating systems arena. The position is for a senior engineer with a
minimum of four years experience - though we would consider less
experienced engineers who can demonstrate extensive knowledge of eCos.


Position:	Senior Embedded Software Engineer
Location:	Cambridge, UK
Package: 	£35-£45k (depending on skills and experience) includes
                salary and pension, plus 20 days holiday
Education:	Degree or higher degree in computing, maths, electrical
		engineering or similar
Experience:	4 yrs minimum in embedded software development


The role encompasses several areas within the company including RTOS &
device driver porting to embedded hardware, subsystem development,
testing & QA of releases and technical support.


* Detailed knowledge of and experience using the C programming language

* Knowledge and experience using eCos RTOS and/or other RTOS's, Embedded
Linux or Android.

* Familiarity with Windows and Linux host environments

* Basic knowledge of digital electronics and familiarity with register
level control of peripherals

RELEVANT EXPERIENCE (not prerequisites)

* eCos RTOS and RedBoot bootloader internals
* Device driver development experience with some of the following:
    UART, Ethernet, flash, USB, I2C, SPI, SD and related peripherals
* Contributions and work within an open source community
* Familiarity with GNU development tools
* C++, Java programming languages
* Assembly language programming
* Bash, Perl or Tcl scripting
* Familiarity with the Eclipse IDE
* TCP/IP internals and related networking protocols
* File system internals
* Knowledge of ARM, ColdFire, MIPS, PowerPC, or x86 architectures


The successful candidate will, if required, be mentored to build their
familiarization with our development tools, eCos internals and an
understanding of the porting process. eCos porting typically involves
the from-scratch bring-up of custom or evaluation/development boards.
This requires the configuration of JTAG debuggers, modification of eCos
HAL to support processor and board specific features, and the creation
or porting of requisite device drivers. Other typical development tasks
involve the creation of new functionality and features for our host
development tools and RTOS runtime systems, and optimisation of
functionality for performance or footprint purposes. As your experience
grows you will be expected to be able to accurately assess and estimate
the effort required to implement a given functional specification and
then deliver that functionality within the estimated time.


The quality of our RTOS releases is critical to customer satisfaction,
contract compliance, and reduction in ongoing technical support load.
Much of the testing and release engineering are automated processes that
simply require monitoring, but the final QA pass is necessarily manual
in nature and involves running through a scripted checklist of
functionality tests. You will be expected to write unit tests for any
new functionality created, resolve any issues identified during the
testing of eCos ports you are involved with, and from time-to-time be
involved in the QA of deliveries.


Customer support is an intrinsic part of our product and service
offerings, and plays a critical role in helping customers avoid
development road-blocks and delays. Depending on your eCos experience
this may initially necessarily be a limited role, but will grow with
experience and knowledge of eCos and its associated development tools.
Good communication skills, problem solving, and the ability to reproduce
and resolve customer issues are required.


* Good written and verbal communications skills
* Willing to travel occasionally for engineering support and consultancy
* UK/EU citizen or person holding a valid UK work permit
* A flexible "can do" attitude

We provide a flexible and relaxed work environment. There is good
opportunity for extending your experience and technical skills in a
variety of areas, and depending on interest, building up specific
specialist knowledge in key technical areas. The quid pro quo is that
staff are expected to understand the need to support the changing task
priorities due to the ebb and flow of customer contracts and development
priorities, and show initiative, flexibility and resourcefulness.


Regards, Paul.
Paul Beskeen
Chairman & Director of Engineering

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