[ECOS] use old SNMP with current kernel/stack?

Grant Edwards grant.b.edwards@gmail.com
Mon Jan 9 16:28:00 GMT 2012

I'm trying to upgrade from something that's approximately eCos 2.0
(with a few fixes) to current CVS head, and it appears SNMP is going
to be an issue.

Somewhere along the line, SNMP has acquired dependencies on the entire
Posix/Pthreads infrasctrucutre, which then pulls in another layer of
stuff (e.g. timeslicing). We've been using the "old" SNMP stuff for
something like 12 years in a build without Posix, pthreads,
timeslicing, and a lot of other things. The SNMP support has been good
enough so far.

Two questions:

 1) Can somebody point me to a list of what benefits there are to the
    "new" SNMP design that would justify adding the entire
    POSIX/pthreads infrastructure and its requirements to my build?

 2) Is there any reason the old SNMP system can't be used with the
    current kernel and network stack?

So far the first question is moot, since I've not even been unable to
configure a source tree with POSIX and SNMP support enabled.  I can't
get rid of ecosconfig errors due to signal heaer number constraints
being unsatisfied.
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