[ECOS] Need Help for Porting to ARM7

Bob Brusa bob.brusa@gmail.com
Thu Aug 30 14:29:00 GMT 2012

Am 30.08.2012 14:58, schrieb Hoseyn Rafi Poor:
> Hi all,
> I am totally new to ecos and want to port it to my Arm7 board that is very similar to ARMSAM7Xek with little differences.
> after installing cygwin, ecos and arm toolchain in winXp , i used "ecos
> configuration tool v2.11" and built some project based on AT91SAM7Xek in templates.
> now i have build results in install folder with size of 105MB,and mlt folder is empty.i have built the tests too.
> I dont know what to do
> with these files!please help
> me,what should i do after these steps?is there some boot strap software
> to download the code to target?or any special debugger is needed?
> i read documents but i am totally
> confused because of different suggestions,
> i have worked with IAR and segger jlink debuger in my earlier projects if it helps.
> regards,
> Rafipoor,
The configuration tool v2.11 is somewhat old. If you download v3.0 of 
eCos, the newer version 3.0 of configtool.exe is included in the 
download (if I remember correctly). Recently (27-04-2012) there was a mail

[ECOS] eCos host tools for Cygwin - 120425 snapshot builds

about new tools, because the older ones seem to have problems with newer 
cygwin versions....

you wrote ....my folder is empty ... which folder do you mean? It seems 
that the library was successfully build - those 105 MB you mention? Now 
how to proceed:

Download eclipse CDT from www.eclipse.org. Currently I am using version 
Helios of this software. In the configuration of the eclipse tool you 
can specify the path to compiler (tools from the toolbox that comes with 
ecos3.0) and the path and library your build should use.

With respect to debugging: I use segger jlink and in order to do so, one 
needs an additional software in eclipse. The trick to install this in 
eclipse is:
Eclipse>Hilfe>Neu-Installieren ab http://opensource.zylin.com/zylincdt

Hope this helps - Bob

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