[ECOS] Interrupt handling under eCOS for the arm AT91SAM7s

Bob Brusa bob.brusa@gmail.com
Wed Aug 22 07:27:00 GMT 2012

I use an ISR that has considerable work to. Clearly, a job for a dsr, 
but I found, that using a dsr is too time consuming, so I must do 
everything in the isr (A screenshot of the ISR is available here:

The ISR handles 4 pwm channels - all producing interrupts at a rate of 1 
ms. 3 of the channels run syncronously and hence only one of them has 
interrupts enabled. The 4th channels also triggers interrupts every ms, 
but is not in phase with the other 3 channels. The pwm interrupts have 
lowest priority of all interrupts in my system.

Upon entry in the pwm_isr, I clear flags, mask the interrupt of the 
pwm-hardware on the level of the interrupt controller (AIC) and enable 
interrupts again. This should allow higher priority interrupts to come 
through, but no pwm interrupts while the pwm_isr is busy. This according 
to my understanding. But it is obviously wrong, because the primitve 
"semaphore" I implemented tells me, that a 2nd pwm interrupt interrupts 
the first one.

One explanation I have for this is, that one of the higher priority 
interrupts clears the interrupt mask of the pwm channels - which I would 
consider a bug of eCos.

Onother explanation could be, that the system timer interrupts the 
pwm_isr and runs a task and of course, many threads in my system access 
globals of the pwm_isr, doing this within 
mask-pwm-interrupts/unmask-pwm-interrupts brackets. But it would 
surprise me that ecos runs a thread while an isr is still unfinished. 
Any comments?

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