[ECOS] tcl84.dll missing after ecos installation

Christophe Coutand ccoutand@stmi.com
Fri Apr 20 17:13:00 GMT 2012

Do you have the same problem using the ecosconfig? What is the exact error message?

Can you provide the output of "ldd configtool.exe"? Is it using tcl84.dll from cygwin or some other installation?


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Subject: [ECOS] tcl84.dll missing after ecos installation

after cygwin and ecos installation,while opening configtool, tcl84.dll is missing.how to acquire it or can it be installed by installing any package from cygwin setup? i have already installed tcl-tk package.
i have also downloaded tcl84.dll from internet but when i place it in cygwin/bin directory, and try to open configtool,it cannot find the root of the ecos repository tree even though ecos.db is available under D:\cygwin\opt\ecos\ecos-3.0\packages. why it is happening this way??

any possible solutions??

thank you 


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