[ECOS] Virtual interrupts?

Tom Schouten tom@zwizwa.be
Wed Oct 12 13:25:00 GMT 2011

Hello List,

I'm using an AT91SAM7's PIO IOC interrupts to receive interrupts from an 
external source.
However, there are only 2 interrupt sources of the 32 in total that are 
related to the PIOs:


Each one needs to handle 32 pins, so to use some of these pins as 
interrupt input some decoding needs to be done (which pin + which edge?) 
before control can be passed to another ISR/DSR.

 From my limited knowledge it seems however that it is not possible to 
"fake" an interrupt, i.e.


such that these 33 and 34 vectors can be used in 
cyg_drv_interrupt_create() of some eCos driver.

The reason I'd like to do it this way is to not have to patch drivers 
with an ad-hock trigger mechanism that relies on the GPIO pin decoding 
mentioned above.  I just want to pass one of the virtual interrupts to 
the first argument of cyg_drv_interrupt_create().

My guess is that the suggested virtual interrupt approach above does not 
work.  If so then my question is: Is there a preferred way to do this?

The solution I use now is an ad-hoc mechanism that essentially calls a 
driver's DSR from the DSR of the PIOA or PIOB DSRs but it requires 
driver source modification.  So I'm not asking "can it be done?" but 
"can it be done in a clean way?".


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