[ECOS] Question about ARM processors above Cortex-M3

Ilija Kocho ilijak@siva.com.mk
Sun Mar 27 19:15:00 GMT 2011

On 24.03.2011 18:10, Eigil Krogh Sørensen wrote:
> As far as I can find out there is no support for Cortex processors above M3 (M4, R4(F), A8..). The eCos arm-eabi-gcc for cygwin is v. 4.3 and support for the M4, R4(F) and A8 is introduces in gcc-4.4.

Cortex M4 support is officially introduced in gcc 4.6 - released
yesterday :-)
so I would like to see it as new gcc for eCos.

Btw, a new gcc release would be a benefit for Cortex M3 to due to ldrd fix.


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