AW: [ECOS] Development environment under Windows without cygwin?

Richard Rauch
Wed Mar 23 17:43:00 GMT 2011

Hi again

I have found now an interesting link: 

Is that, what I'm searching for? I have read the description and it looks
like that this version of the Configuration Tool is running without cygwin?
But the page itself is marked as "obsolete". So maybe this work was not

How knows more about this?


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Betreff: Re: [ECOS] Development environment under Windows without cygwin?


> Do anybody knows a way to work without cygwin natively on Windows?
> It seems, that cygwin is causing several problems on different windows 
> environments.
> Is there a way to work without cygwin?
> Is the gnu compiler/linker toolchain available for windows? Which 
> versions are comparable to the arm-eabi-gcc V4.3.2 ?
> Is it possible to run the eCos Config Tool without cygwin?

We use the same linux VM on all our developer work stations under a windows
host at the moment. Also for building eCos. No Problems so far.

In the past we also maintained a cygwin-free mingw-based gcc/make
Buildenvironment. But only building ecos applications, not eCos itself.

If you have problems with the moving cygwin target you can also setup local
cygwin repositories with a fixed version where all developers get their
cygwin from.

Best solution for us was the linux VM. Least trouble.

best regards,

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