[ECOS] Development environment under Windows without cygwin?

Guenter Ebermann guenter.ebermann@googlemail.com
Wed Mar 23 17:12:00 GMT 2011


> Do anybody knows a way to work without cygwin natively on Windows?
> It seems, that cygwin is causing several problems on different windows
> environments.
> Is there a way to work without cygwin?
> Is the gnu compiler/linker toolchain available for windows? Which versions
> are comparable to the arm-eabi-gcc V4.3.2 ?
> Is it possible to run the eCos Config Tool without cygwin?

We use the same linux VM on all our developer work stations under a
windows host at the moment. Also for building eCos. No Problems so far.

In the past we also maintained a cygwin-free mingw-based gcc/make
Buildenvironment. But only building ecos applications, not eCos itself.

If you have problems with the moving cygwin target you can also setup
local cygwin repositories with a fixed version where all developers get
their cygwin from.

Best solution for us was the linux VM. Least trouble.

best regards,

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