[ECOS] Development environment under Windows without cygwin?

Stanislav Meduna stano@meduna.org
Wed Mar 23 16:20:00 GMT 2011

On 23.03.2011 15:41, Richard Rauch wrote:

> It seems, that cygwin is causing several problems on different windows
> environments.
> Is there a way to work without cygwin?
> Is the gnu compiler/linker toolchain available for windows? Which versions
> are comparable to the arm-eabi-gcc V4.3.2 ?

You can build yor own using MinGW. I am building such toolchains
regularly and the recent (4.4, 4.5) GNU ones are quite
friendly in this regard, although not completely without
problems. At our company these are used to build and link
applications against includes/libtarget built in a traditional
way - unfortunately there are people that are not comfortable
with configuring and running Linux and sending a setup
is easier than sending a virtual machine.

A major PITA is the slowness of Windows file status functions,
slowing make to a grind - the gcc/g++/libstdc++ build for
a mix of multilibs took several _days_.

I don't think it is possible to use a non-cygwin environment
to work with eCos itself - the time spent to make all the
makefiles etc. compatible would be IMHO enormous. Cygwin
is a mess, but finding workarounds will be less effort.


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