[ECOS] Porting STM3210C

Jerzy Dyrda jerzdy@gmail.com
Mon Mar 21 20:29:00 GMT 2011

Hello Gian,

2011/3/20 Gian Maria <g_giacomello@yahoo.it>:
> Is someone porting eCos and RedBoot to STM3210C? This board is similar to
> STM3210E, but doesn't have external RAM and FLASH. In STM3210E port there
> isn't support for connectivity line so flash bank is not correct.
> HAL is quite the same. If I find time I want to make a porting for this
> board. If someone want to contribute can contact me. I'm Italian.

I adapted port for STM3210E to other development board with STM32F107 controller
however my registered goal is Ethernet driver ->
which I almost fulfill - driver works stable. There is still open
issue but in  development phase
current state of driver is sufficient.

If you would like to use Ethernet driver with modification in STM32
hal layer needed by this driver
and add your board dependent stuff I think it will be easy way to push
contribution to CVS.

Best regard,

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