[ECOS] grub redboot install on a USB drive under Cygwin

Stephen Polkowski stephen@centtech.com
Fri Mar 4 19:46:00 GMT 2011


	I've spent a very frustrating two days trying to
get redboot onto a usb drive.  Fortunately, I having it working
now.  It seems to me that a lot of this time could have
been avoided if the "i386 PC Hardware Setup" section in the
"eCos User Guide" was updated.  It is seriously out of date.

	For example, one of the steps for Floppy Disk Support
is to mount the drive with the following command:

  mount -f -b //./a: /dev/fd0

	The "-b" is no longer supported.  It has been changed
to "-o binary".  So, things like this need to be updated.
More importantly, the GRUB section needs to updated for the
GRUB 2 configuration file "grub.cfg" instead of "menu.lst".
This assumes that most distributions of linux are shipping with
GRUB 2 now.  Cygwin comes with GRUB2.

	I would be interested in updating the
"i386 PC Hardware Setup" section if given the chance.  Here's
a quick run down of my steps to install grub on a usb drive.




1) format drive using Windows Explorer

2) mount -f -o binary //./a: /dev/fd0

3) cat /proc/partitions

# find your install drive

major minor  #blocks  name

     8     0 156290904 sda
     8     1    102400 sda1
     8     2 156185600 sda2
     8    16   2008064 sdb
     8    17   2000061 sdb1

4) grub-install --root-directory=/cygdrive/e /dev/sdb
5) cd /cygdrive/e/boot/grub
6) vi grub.cfg


# Timeout for menu
set timeout=10

# Set default boot entry as Entry 0
set default=0

# Entry 0 - redboot
menuentry "redboot from hd0,1" {
     set root=(hd0,1)
     multiboot /boot/redboot.elf


7) cp redboot.elf /cygdrive/e/boot

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