[ECOS] both redboot and application 'ROM' startup

Ross Younger wry@ecoscentric.com
Tue Sep 7 09:17:00 GMT 2010

qiulinyuan wrote:
> Gernally, RedBoot use startup type "ROM", and application use startup type "RAM", then we can use RedBoot "load" application into ram and "go" it.
> But I want to set both the redboot and application of ecos execute in flash.
> I have got some informations from this mailing list about this problem.

This is what RedBoot's FIS is for. Build your RAM application as normal,
load it into RedBoot with the "raw" option, then tell RedBoot to write it
into the FIS. You can even have your application automatically boot if you
configure RedBoot to use a startup script.

>I have known that the files rom.ldi and rom.h in the pkgconf directory
should >be modified before compiling the application.

You shouldn't normally need to modify those.


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