[ECOS] ecos porting question

Brian Smith briansmith777@sky.com
Wed Oct 13 12:41:00 GMT 2010


I'm trying to port ecos to a coldfire mcf5235 chip and using the
mcf5272c3 target as a starting point.
I've copied a template for the 5272c3 and have modified it to reflect
my new template 5235c3 development board.
I've modified the proc_io.h file to include the required definitions
such as HAL_MCFXXXX_HAS_MCF5282... and removed any specific m5272
definitions and commented out the HAL_CLOCK_INITIALISE .
HAL_CLOCK_RESET and HAL_CLOCK_READ from proc_intr.h.

I thought that this would build with the variant definitions for
HAL_CLOCK _....( which are more akin to the mcf5235 architecture.).
However  I get the following errors

var_intr.h 473:3 #error Processor or platform hal Should have provided

does this mean I need to define the variant macros again in the
proc_intr.h file?

Regards and thanks in advance.

Brian Smith

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