[ECOS] Re: Atmel AT91FR40162 overstock?

Morten Leikvoll leikvoll@cyviz.com
Wed Oct 13 10:28:00 GMT 2010

> Are you saying they failed on a contractual deliverable, or that
> purchasing didn't confirm the order you'd like tomorrow 179 days ago?

The Atmel chip kinda did, but we don't ever get a guaranteed delivery on 
components. We get a lead time and if the manufacturer gets into trouble, 
the end user is getting the extra cost.

For this specific "Last Time Buy" issue I would think the manufacturer 
collected the # of chips to make (with some extra time margin) and then just 
pushed the start button. Our pick&place manufacturer claims they wait for a 
certain qty of orders before they start manufacturing, but that doesn't make 
sense in LTB cases. If its LTB, who would order after that day?

Unfortunately the end user have no control over the logistics. The 
pick&place factory sends orders to a supplier, the supplier to the 
manufacturers and them again to wafer/die factories/developers. When they 
agree on a date, they send a confirmation date back to the customers. This 
date gets moved when they find out they can't deliver.

>> I wonder why it takes so long to reboot the factories they shut during
>> the critical times. Did they tear them down?
> Maybe they laid off all the people? Now they need to find & hire good
> people, train, calibrate lines, evaluate operations, correct/optimise,
> build volume... Perhaps you are better off without the first few trays
> to come off a newly configured line? Perhaps the factories need to order
> in advance from their supply-chain too?

I'll give them a week :) I suppose the workforce is the biggest challenge. 
And in Asia, things are blooming.

> Ouch! That may also explain the increased volume of targetted spam from
> (new) agents looking for excess inventory recently.

*blush* I realize Im part of this spam now :P

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