[ECOS] Re: Atmel AT91FR40162 overstock?

Morten Leikvoll nerd@cyviz.com
Wed Oct 13 07:34:00 GMT 2010

>I am in the Cortex M3 hell with the TI/Luminary  LM3S5T36  which  has  a
>lead time of 140 days (even for samples and I am at the halftime)  which
>mean, I can not complete 11 differnt types of prototypes,  to  test  and
>certify it and go into production in February 2011. And if you will need
>between 2000-5000 pcs per month you can imagine the losts...


>I have work for 25 hours a day and do not know the "Economic Crises" but
>I am affected in all directions...

It's really annoying. Our Altera FPGA's also have half a year lead time. 
Someone at top level at the die factories should be fired for bad planning! 
I wonder why it takes so long to reboot the factories they shut during the 
critical times. Did they tear them down?

>I asume you or your enterprise too...

We have to buy the MCU's at the spot marked, wich means currently an 
additional $30-40 extra each (normal price ~$7)... and prices are increasing 
as overstock gets harder to find :(

(sorry for the off topic thread)

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