[ECOS] Re: Basic question about porting to Xilinx PPC440

Mikhail Matusov matusov@squarepeg.ca
Wed Mar 31 10:36:00 GMT 2010

Hi Salvatore,

Thanks for your response.

> [405 Board]
> For ppc405 porting, i've found that guide you post (many thanks) if 
> followed generates a demo.elf(mind emb dev) or redboot.elf(uni-padeborn)
> Is there a .bin image or procedure somewhere? Is ppc405 emulated from the 
> beginning of instruction fetching@0xFFFFFFFC?

I am not sure about binary image... I am actually yet to try building eCos 
for PPC405 myself. With regards to your last question, PPC405 does start 
execution from 0xFFFFFFFC on powerup.


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