[ECOS] Re: Basic question about porting to Xilinx PPC440

Salvatore Lionetti salvatorelionetti@yahoo.it
Tue Mar 30 20:14:00 GMT 2010


[ecos->xilinx ppc440]
Don't know

Many month ago, when i'm working with a salary, i've ported a boot (mixed ASM/C) from ppc440EP to ppc405GPr on a remote radio head for 4G with a proprietary os.
The raw porting IN MY CASE was simple:
- only few opcodes was incompatible by the 2 uP (like the instruction/data sync);
- some base address or peripheral controller max instance change (not the register relative offset, syntax and naming);
- ebc, i2c, ethernet controller look likes very similar;
- different internal clock frequency and pll

Don't know

[405 Board]
For ppc405 porting, i've found that guide you post (many thanks) if followed generates a demo.elf(mind emb dev) or redboot.elf(uni-padeborn)
Is there a .bin image or procedure somewhere? Is ppc405 emulated from the beginning of instruction fetching@0xFFFFFFFC?

Have a good day

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