[ECOS] R: [ECOS] Problem flashing WinCE

Stefano Mora smora@eos.pr.it
Tue Mar 23 08:19:00 GMT 2010

> >> >
> >> > I built the image and I tested it on the same board with a
> >> different bootloader (eBoot).
> >> > Now I need to run it with the RedBoot bootloader.
> >> >
> >> You startup assembler file probably expects to be running
> in Physical
> >> memory. I think iMX25 has SDRAM at 0x80000000 but you have
> to verify
> >> that. Also verify that the SDRAM is mapped to 0x80000000 in your
> >> Redboot port. If the above is true and 0x180000 is the
> entry point,
> >> try to start it like this.
> >>
> >> lo -r -b 0x180000 nk.nb0
> >> go 0x80180000
> >>
> >
> > I guess the SDRAM is mapped @ 0x0. This is the output of
> the RedBoot:
> >
> Yes it is - but what I meant to say is that SDRAM should be
> mapped to 0  AND also to 0x80000000 for the above two
> commands to work. If this does not work it is time to debug
> the windows code.

Which Platform Builder options should I use to compile the OS image?
Now i have no options but defined the variable imgnand=1 (that i guess only eBoot uses..)

The same image works on a platform with eBoot.

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