[ECOS] Re: Bonjour on eCos platform

Tarmo Kuuse tarmo.kuuse@mail.ee
Mon Mar 15 09:27:00 GMT 2010

ganesh kr wrote:
> Has anybody used "Bonjour" on eCos platform. If so please let me know
> the code size it requires.

Partially. I implemented IPv4LL (automatic IP assignment) for FreeBSD 
stack, which is not a difficult task. RFC3927 is straight forward, 
algorithm is quite simple and there are good examples available.

The real problem was finding hooks to receive and transmit raw ARP 
packets, since the FreeBSD stack in eCos has no API for this. I used 
low-level ARP functions: arprequest() transmits and in_arpinput() calls 
my handler. This is not a very pretty solution, but it works. Both 
functions are in file 

Kind regards,
Tarmo Kuuse

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