[ECOS] [COMMERCIAL] Code Confidence announces ThreadSpy debugging for eCos developers

John Dallaway jld@codeconfidence.com
Wed Apr 21 09:32:00 GMT 2010

April 21, 2010 -- CAMBRIDGE, UK -- Code Confidence Ltd, the embedded
software tooling specialists, today announced ThreadSpy(tm) technology
for the debugging of multi-threaded embedded systems on remote hardware.
ThreadSpy enables software engineers to inspect the state of individual
threads within their applications during development, simplifying and
accelerating the debugging process. The initial implementation of Code
Confidence(tm) ThreadSpy is for the eCos(R) real-time operating system.

ThreadSpy provides access to the call stack of each thread and the value
of thread-local data within each stack frame. It operates in conjunction
with GDB, the GNU debugger, ensuring widespread compatibility with JTAG
hardware and other debug interfaces which support the GDB remote
protocol. GDB thread-specific breakpoints are fully supported. ThreadSpy
intercepts thread-related queries raised by GDB and provides responses
to these queries from its own configurable model of kernel thread
states. Communication with the embedded hardware is minimised to ensure
that the debugger remains responsive.

"ThreadSpy technology allows developers to choose a JTAG-based solution
for their debugging activities without sacrificing the thread-aware
capabilities more commonly associated with remote debug stubs" explained
John Dallaway, Director at Code Confidence. "It offers the best features
of both JTAG hardware and debugging stubs without the compromises."

ThreadSpy technology is now available within the Code Confidence Tools
for eCos via a dedicated remote debugging launcher. Based on the
award-winning Eclipse(tm) Platform and C/C++ Development Tooling (CDT),
the Code Confidence Tools provide a fully-integrated development
environment for application developers working with the eCos RTOS. When
debugging using ThreadSpy, the tools adapt to configuration changes
within the eCos kernel automatically. For further details, visit the
Code Confidence website: http://www.codeconfidence.com/tools

John L Dallaway
Code Confidence Ltd

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