erki.szabolcs@itport.hu erki.szabolcs@itport.hu
Wed Sep 30 08:35:00 GMT 2009


I have designed a custom board based on the AT91SAM9XE ARM9
microcontroller. I'm currently running a non-commercial project and eCos
seems totally fulfilling it's requirements, like NAND flash, ADC, SD card
and USB code support. 
I have searched for a HAL for the microcontroller family mentioned above,
but found nothing neither in the mailing list nor in the documentation. Did
somebody port the HAL for the AT91SAM9XE family of ARM9 microcontrollers,
or be more specifically: for the AT91SAM9XE-EK board? If nobody, how much
effort it takes to do the porting task?

Thank you in advance.

Szabolcs Erki

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