[ECOS] Re: connect ethernet cable at run-time

Grant Edwards grant.b.edwards@gmail.com
Fri Sep 25 03:12:00 GMT 2009

On 2009-09-25, Jonathan Larmour <jifl@jifvik.org> wrote:
> Grant Edwards wrote:

>> If one calls init_all_network_interfaces() before the Ethernet
>> link is up does the DHCP code give up and terminate?  IOW,
>> doesn't the DHCP client code retry if it doesn't get a
>> response?  That seems a bit odd.
> I don't believe it does retry at present.

Our customers very rarely use DHCP, so I guess we've never
tripped over that one. It doesn't really sound like acceptible
behavior for an embedded product does it?

> See for example in dhcp_prot.c that do_dhcp() calls
> no_lease(), whicih disables and deletes the alarm. Without
> that the needs_attention semaphore is not posted and the dhcp
> management thread gets stuck waiting on it.  That's my belief
> anyway.

I'm sure you're right.  It never even occurred to me that an
embedded DHCP client would act that way.  I'm pretty sure it
wouldn't be considered tolerable in any of the applications
where our eCos based products are used.  I'll have to file a
bug. :/


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