[ECOS] Redboot : Do ping from host to target does not work !

Hurstel Jérôme jerome.hurstel@orange-ftgroup.com
Thu Sep 24 15:18:00 GMT 2009


I found some interesting threads (especially one from Martin Laabs 
called "IRQ-Enable in ARM-Target (cpsr)") dealing with my issue but no topic 
has actually solved it.

I want to do remote debugging with GDB. At this point, I have built Redboot 
and it starts well and get an IP address from my bootp server. I am also able 
to ping my host from Redboot prompt.

Nevertheless, I can't do the opposite : Redboot does not answer to ping 
initiated from my host ! However I can tell that ICMP ping request frames are 
well received by my ethernet device (LAN91CXX). But as interrupts are not 
globally enabled in ARM CPSR register, Redboot does not know anything about 
them !

Does Redboot install a listener which poll on ethernet interface ? And where 
is it done in source code ?

Is it possible to enable interrupts in CPSR ? And where is the best place to 
do it ?

What configuration option should be activated to achieve such a goal ?

I am a little bit stuck at the moment so please any kind of help would be  

Thanks in advance.
Jérôme Hurstel

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