[ECOS] Re: Switching to using git on eCosForge

Ilija Kocho ilijak@siva.com.mk
Tue Sep 22 17:29:00 GMT 2009

Edgar Grimberg wrote:
> Hi,
> My 2 cents on the topic:
and another one from me
> * no matter what source control to use, it is a must to be easy for
> the maintainers to use it. The regular users will be able, with a
> command described somewhere on the web, to get all the sources.
I agree with this. Maintainers' time is valuable to all of us.

I have no preference over any of the 3 options, but I can note that 
almost all discussion is between git and hg, so as a fist step we can 
narrow choice between these two. Then, when emergency comes, we can 
throw a coin instead of dice.


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