[ECOS] Re: Switching to using git on eCosForge

Alex Schuilenburg alexs@ecoscentric.com
Tue Sep 22 11:08:00 GMT 2009

Peter Korsgaard wrote on 2009-09-22 10:55:
>>>>>> "AS" == Alex Schuilenburg <alexs@ecoscentric.com> writes:
> Hi,
> AS> % ls -l /usr/bin/git-* | wc -l
> AS> 136
> AS> %
> That hasn't been the situation since git 1.6.0, released 13 months
> ago. When evaluating something as fast moving as DVCS'es, please use
> the latest stable release of the tools.
Ah, for 1.6.x you mean
# ls -l /usr/libexec/git-core | wc -l
# ls -l /usr/bin/git* | wc -l

You can run but you cannot hide ;-)

I think if we are going to switch sooner rather than later you need to
evaluate what is available pre-packaged from whatever distro or OS
provider.  i.e. what the regular users are going to be able to access
easily without having to upgrade their system or build the tools

Don't get me wrong, git is great and all empowering.  But IMHO that is
the problem - there is enough rope to hang yourself.  For example,
consider the following subtlety:
"If you are staging an updated submodule for commit manually, be careful
to not add a trailing slash when specifying the path. With the slash
appended, Git will assume you are removing the submodule and checking
that directory's contents into the containing repository."

A trailing slash is what my bash completion puts in my path and is
likely to be *my* default behaviour.  IMHO that is broken, but I am sure
someone in git-land thinks it makes perfect sense and is perfectly
acceptable behaviour.  If I was a git expert, maybe I would too.  But
the average Joe is not and not likely to want to be one.

We are not talking here what is the most superior DRCS, we are talking
what is the most suitable for eCos.  You don't need a 10lb hammer to
crack a nut.

-- Alex Schuilenburg

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