[ECOS] What's the process on switching version control system for eCos?

Alex Schuilenburg alexs@ecoscentric.com
Mon Sep 21 11:26:00 GMT 2009

Øyvind Harboe wrote on 2009-09-21 10:50:
> eCos is run in an open manner.
> Is there someone who's in charge of the process of switching to
> a new distributed version control system?
As far as I know, there is nobody, although the maintainers are
obviously aware that there is a public demand for a change.  This is not
the first time this has been raised.

I am aiming to put forward a proposal to the maintainers for a change,
along with recommendations, but ultimately the decision and process
rests with them.  I have also offered to do some of the legwork (e.g.
fix anoncvs and do the conversion).

> Are we just throwing stuff around currently?
I hope it is more than just throwing stuff around.  I hope it is a fair
open discussion on the choices, pros, cons, etc for everyone to see.

I would certainly like to see a change, and believe the rest of the
community would also, and would expect the maintainers to respond
accordingly.  However, I have not had much of a chance to put together a
proposal to the maintainers, but will post here once it is done along
with links to the proposal.

> I'd like to see a renewed patch process in place as part
> of the new version control system switch.
> I guess the maintainers will have to make a choice on
> behalf of the community, so there won't actually be a vote as
> such. Since eCos is run in an open manner, this major
> change should take the community's input and not
> be presented as a fait accomplis though.
Each of the three DRCS systems has a built-in method for submitting
patches upstream in a clean, well defined format. Otherwise they would
not be a proper DRCS IMHO ;-)   Hence I would expect that the choice of
DRCS would probably set the format. IMHO this would benefit the project
immensely because it simplifies the whole process of creating patches
for submission to the DRCS tool, making it easy for newcomers and the
like to create patches for contribution. To vary from this would kind-of
defeat one of the objectives of a DRCS.

I would however expect the submission process to be flexible (e.g.
email, attachments to bugzilla entries, etc), but again I expect the
maintainers should have the final say since it is them who will have to
review the patches before accepting and applying them.  I expect the
management of the submissions, since all major ones require assignments
and certain maintainers may be better skilled to review certain
contributions than others, to be one of the most important aspects to them.

-- Alex Schuilenburg

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